Lucky Bird Story

LUCKY BIRD was born out of our love for cashmere. Today we are very proud to say that it is more than a brand, it's a lifestyle. If you are looking for products synonymous with warmth, quality and softness while supporting a native way of life, then look no further. We are selling beautiful wraps and scarves made from exceptional quality hand-combed authentic cashmere at affordable prices. Each piece is unique. Almost all our products are made specially for us by a small factory located in the Himalayan foothills on the boarder between China and Nepal. We work with very experienced small factories in Inner Mongolia (China) and Italy as well.


We have a wealth of experience behind us, having been lucky enough to travel extensively around the world discovering different cultures and styles. We’ve lived in Europe for a few years and that was one of the best experiences we’ve ever had. We take an inspiration from the streets of Paris and Milan to create high quality sophisticated and stylish products with a classic approach.

There is nothing we love more than traveling, being inspired by all the wonderful local products and filling the Lucky Bird portfolio with new ideas. We really hope that you enjoy following our posts in LuckyBlog, and that we can help bring the same addictive passion and love for traveling, fashion, and style to you.




cashmere-lucky-bird-logo-01.pngEveryone loves our logo, and with a good reason – our  LUCKY BIRD is a superstar! Birds are considered by many cultures to be the symbols of luck, wisdom and intelligence. In China and Nepal a mythical bird represents good fortune and happiness.

We were lucky enough to spend a lot of time traveling around the world. The logo for our Cashmere Brand was found during one trip to Nepal when we visited the National Museum in Kathmandu.  It was an old Asian tradition to decorate their houses with various symbols. In-particular there was one ancient design we fell in love with, which turned to become an inspiration for our Lucky Bird logo.  

Sending you our Lucky Bird with each fabulous cashmere wrap we hope to share with you a little luck and happiness!


Affordable luxury! We do believe that luxury is not only about material assets, but it's an inner feeling of love, comfort & harmony! It's not something you can just buy, it's a lifestyle that you truly have to visualize and believe in. And we are here to help you! We never compromise on quality - best materials, fair pricing, flawless execution, and modern styles will  make you feel special and look fantastic.


We are passionate about all-natural materials.  We produce and sell products ONLY from natural fibers. And cashmere is always at the heart of everything we do. It's started with cashmere and our love for  this amazing fiber. Pure cashmere is lightweight, super soft and comfortable and it's allows your skin to breathe. This wonder-fiber  adapts to your temperature, that makes cashmere, incredibly comfortable in different climates and all seasons. People used to think about cashmere as being a winter item. We think it’s time to change this perception.


As we have grown we have added other high quality natural fabrics to our range, such as pure merino wool, lambswool, alpaca, silk, the softest blends of cashmere and silk. All our items are designed in-house with the utmost care and attention to detail. And our dedication to quality keeps loyal customers coming back – they know when they buy LUCKY BIRD CASHMERE they will never be disappointed.