Your Perfect Travel Companion: Our Finest Cashmere Wrap

Your Perfect Travel Companion: Our Finest Cashmere Wrap

Vacation time is almost here, you’re bound to have booked your holidays already. But do you already have everything you need? And -  do you really know what you need? 

Even in summer, the evenings on the beach, for example, might become a bit chilly. So you should always have something for lower temperatures with you. So this is where our finest pure cashmere wrap comes into play. Super light, keeps you nice and warm, is fluffy, soft and versatile. It’s easy to match casually with any T-shirt or blouse.

It could be a bit chilly on the plane, too, and often there’s a draft. So your cashmere wrap will be useful right from the start… The best solution is not to put it into the suitcase, but have it ready at all times.

While packing one of our finest cashmere wraps might not actually change your life - it will enhance the way you travel. Wraps are not only a stylish addition to any outfit, but they're also amazing multitaskers. They can be used as blankets on cold planes and as neck pillows when rolled up for long rides.

Of course, you don't have to be on the road to make use of a cozy wrap.Keep your favorite cashmere wrap close to stay snug in freezing conference rooms. Always take it with you when you leave for a trip - whether it's a short weekend escape to the beach or a 24-hour-flight to Nepal.