Wrap Up Your Baby in Style: Safe, Natural, Super Soft Choice

Wrap Up Your Baby in Style: Safe, Natural, Super Soft Choice

Your little baby is the most precious part of your life. Cashmere will help protect and take care of your loved ones in a natural and comfortable environment. The trend to buy high quality non-synthetic products is increasing, and this is especially the case for baby products. The feedback we hear most from our customers is just how soft and gentle on the skin our cashmere is, which is precisely what they want for their babies.

In order to adequately swaddle their babies in comfort, and style, Lucky Bird design team has decided to create cashmere baby wraps of their own. “The most important thing for us was comfort and breathability, but we also wanted something with stretch and climate control”, they have concluded.

“We began researching what would be the best combination of materials for baby wraps and the answer was found to be 100% cashmere. Cashmere is the safest and most natural choice for a baby. You can use it all year round because it’s not going to overheat babies, you can put it over a pram with UV protection and it is naturally fire resistant and has natural stretch.”

We have personally been promoting natural products for ourselves and of course for our business. We are very proud to be able to say that Lucky Bird Cashmere products are not harming the earth, they are created naturally, they are sourced correctly and nothing and no one is negatively impacted by our work.

Lucky Bird Cashmere baby blankets come in a beautiful colors including Cream, Sky Blue and vintage Pale Rose. You can find more pictures here. Every LB Cashmere baby blanket will arrive in a beautiful high end box, ready for gifting.