Why Cashmere is One of The Best Fabrics For Baby Clothes?

Why Cashmere is One of The Best Fabrics For Baby Clothes?

With so many different types of fabrics used in baby clothing, what makes cashmere to stand out? Well, we’ve put together a list of reasons answering this question. 


Baby skin is very sensitive. This means that one of (if not THE) first thing you should take into consideration when choosing baby clothes and bedding is that it’s both soft and comfortable. Very young newborns will likely still have their umbilical cord clamp, so you need to make sure that you choose a material that is going to be comfortable against that. The last thing you want is baby clothes that rub or irritate it. Cashmere is a natural material with amazing stretch qualities. It is super-soft, breathable and has moisture-wicking qualities.


Comfort should also be a major factor. Ideally, you’d be looking for a soft material, probably smooth, but not necessarily so. Cashmere is unbeatable in softness and smoothness. It will stay soft, and not get rough over time and irritate the child’s skin. Cashmere has a tight weave which keeps heat in well, but is very lightweight and breathable, making it great for all-season baby clothes.


You will want your baby clothes to be breathable. A breathable fabric needs to have the ability to allow moisture vapor to be passed through it. Cashmere is amazing breathable material.


Definitely in older children, but also a consideration in infants and younger children too, is freedom of movement. These early stages of life are important - learning to roll over, lift your head, crawl, walk and so much more. Baby clothes need to allow this movement and not be restrictive, otherwise, it may stunt this all-important development. Cashmere is one of Stretch Fabrics. It allow stretch when the baby moves, and then bounce back to its original form when relaxed.