​Turning Your Wrap into a Baby Sling

​Turning Your Wrap into a Baby Sling

In recent years, babywearing has become a popular trend in the parenting community. Though strollers have long been the standard form of transportation for small children, slings are better for physical and emotional development. Slings keep children close to the warmth of their mother, offering a sense of safety and security. What’s more, it’s easy to create a sling from wraps already hanging in your closet, saving you time and money. Here’s how you can turn your favorite cashmere wrap into a baby sling that’s both comfortable and fashionable, and why you should consider doing so.

The Benefits of Babywearing

Slings offer much more than just a convenient way to carry your baby. They offer a whole range of physical, mental, and emotional benefits that can carry well into adulthood. Here are some of the top benefits of using a baby sling:

Environmentally friendly: Strollers, bucket seats, and other baby carrying methods often have a large carbon footprint thanks to emissions from production and shipping. Slings require much less energy to make and are biodegradable.

Promotes physical development: Slings keep babies in a comfortable upright position that doesn’t cramp the stomach, leading to healthier digestion and less developmental problems in the legs and pelvic region. Skin-to-skin contact has also been shown to help babies gain weight more quickly.

Less crying: Babies in slings tend to cry less. This reduces the level of stress hormones in their brain, promoting healthier mental development. Crying less also gives babies more of a chance to focus on the world around them.

Bonding: Slings help encourage babies to socialize by allowing them to make eye contact and hear speaking. Not only can parents better connect with their child, but also secondary caregivers such as grandparents and babysitters.

Hands-free: Unlike a stroller or bucket seat, a sling frees up your hands to work, clean, care for other kids, and much more. You also won’t have to worry about keeping track of where you set your baby down, as he or she will always be right beside you.

Cashmere and Babies

While many slings are made from cotton or linen, these fabrics can chafe a newborn’s sensitive skin. Cashmere is a much gentler fabric choice that doesn’t cause as much friction when moving, helping to protect your baby from uncomfortable rashes. The feel of high-quality cashmere can soothe infants, reducing stress and promoting more restful sleep. The material also helps to keep babies warm and insulated. What’s more, cashmere is resistant to water, odors, and bacteria.

Using Your Wrap as a Sling

Cashmere is the ideal fabric to use for a baby sling. If you have a wrap hanging in your closet, you can quickly and easily transform it into a carrying method for your newborn. There are a number of ways that you can adjust your wrap to suit your lifestyle, but it should always offer a snug and smooth fit that provides support for your baby.

There are a range of benefits to carrying your child around in a sling, both for you and your baby. If you have a cashmere wrap, you can easily turn it into a cozy and comfortable carrier. Cashmere is an ideal material for even babies with the most sensitive skin.