The top  5 color trends for Summer 2018

The top 5 color trends for Summer 2018

Summer is here and the colors of the season can guide you when adding new pieces to your wardrobe. Here are some of the hottest colors for your summer 2018 fashions.


This romantic and elegant color is going to be a hit for the whole summer season. Gentle, misty lavender brings a new softness to summer.


Intriguing and mysterious color that recalls fauvist pictures. Add an purple statement piece to your wardrobe this summer for an ensemble that’s as pretty as it is mysterious.

Intense Pink

Very intense shade of pink will be very popular this summer. Bring an element of chic to your summer outfits with bone staples.

Sky Blue

Sky blue can be everything in a summer wardrobe - from professional to beach-ready.  Whether you’re planning a getaway or just getting to class, a splash of sky blue brightens any summer day.

Light green

For something soft and  unmistakably warm, a flash of light green during the summer never goes wrong. Perfect choice for a summer vacationer.