Cashmere is Great for Summer too!

Cashmere is Great for Summer too!

Not just a staple for your winter wardrobe, the lightweight luxury of Lucky Bird cashmere means you can wear cashmere during spring and summer, too!

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As warm as it is outside, cashmere doesn't get that hot, and  anytime you go inside, in  freezing air-conditioning space, you will need a cashmere wrap.  The summer of 2019 seems destined to be the season of luxurious colorful shawls designed for keeping cool. It's the in thing this season.

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Cashmere has been marketed as the "in" thing for fall and winter so many times now that it is probably no surprise that the material, long a favorite of the affluent for its natural softness and its relative scarcity, has been given an extended life through the hottest months. Woven from the hair of goats raised primarily in or near Mongolia - the underbelly hairs are the most expensive - cashmere for summer is being sold at all prices, from $19.97 for a sleeveless T-shirt at Costco, to the four-figure Loro Piana shawls at Neiman Marcus.

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Our stunning Cashmere wraps from spring collection have been especially created to be worn in warmer weather, with light and versatile lightweight cashmere pieces that will take you all the way through the season. We have luxurious cashmere perfect for the milder spring weather, as well as cooler summer mornings and summer evenings.

While cashmere is wonderful to wear during autumn and winter, the natural properties of cashmere make it ideal to balance out warmer temperatures throughout the day and keep you cool and comfortable. Perfect for the changeable weather at this time of year!

It’s a must-have for any summer holiday, whether you’re jetting off or enjoying a staycation.