7 Reasons Why to Choose Cashmere for Your Baby

7 Reasons Why to Choose Cashmere for Your Baby

1.  Cashmere is the best

And so is your baby! Sometimes you need to forget about practicalities and just go for something kids will love and that looks great on them. So don’t feel bad about it, enjoy giving your girls or boys cashmere clothing. They will certainly enjoy wearing it!

2. It will keep your baby warm without overheating

Cashmere wool is able to provide outstanding insulation and your baby will stay warm even when the weather is cold and below ZERO. This is a breathable material made of natural fiber.

3. Cashmere is the softest wool ever

Cashmere provides that unique soft feeling and will make your baby  feel completely comfortable.

4. Cashmere is not itchy and hypoallergenic

Cashmere is unique wool, that doesn’t contain any allergens and absolutely safe for your baby.  Since it’s smooth and soft, cashmere can’t lead to skin irritations and redness either.

5. Your baby will look great in cashmere!

The visual appearance of cashmere products is striking.

6. Best quality Cashmere is made to last

Anything your baby outgrow can easily be put to other uses, like being inherited by another sibling or put on eBay. But many things will last for years and stay looking great for a long while. Cashmere is an investment, and anyone who’s sick of their kids’ clothes falling apart after five minutes of play will be able to see why it’s worth considering.

7. This is natural fabric

If you choose cashmere products, you help protect the planet because this is a completely natural fabric. In the process of making Lucky Bird cashmere baby clothes and accessories we never use harmful dyes and chemicals.