7 Interesting Facts from Scarves History

7 Interesting Facts from Scarves History

1. For thousands of years, men and women on every continent, and in pretty much every culture, have worn lengths of fur, soft hide or woven fabric for warmth, to soak up sweat, for ceremonial or religious reasons, as protection from wind and dust, as a mark of status, or simply to appear attractive.

2. No one really who invented the first scarf. It is believed they originated from Ancient Rome and the purpose of them was to keep clean. Their original name was “sudarium” which is latin for Sweat cloth. The scarves were used to wipe sweat from ones face when it got hot.

3. Some form of scarf was around soldier's neck for protection from the cold while conquering parts of Europe. Roman soldiers wore red scarves to identify their ranks. 

4. Over the years scarves become more and more popular both for adornment and for the more practical purpose as protection from the cold. 

5. 12th century (Middle Ages) wealthy women wear high headdresses with fine scarves hanging from them. Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine appears to have been a particular trendsetter.

6. Scarves have been used to display club membership and part of uniforms since the beginning of the twentieth century. The most prominent example being the boy scouts. Scarves today are hugely popular in the colors of famous universities.

7. It takes one moth producing 300 eggs and two mulberry trees producing 300 cocoons to create the silk thread for the scarf.