6 Tips on New Year’s Party Etiquette

6 Tips on New Year’s Party Etiquette

Happy New Year’s Eve! As 2018 approaching, get ready for one of the biggest party nights of the year! If you’re joining the millions of people going to house parties or out on the town, keep in mind these ten tips for proper New Year’s Eve etiquette as we ring in 2018.


It all starts with the invitation. People have options on New Year’s Eve so if you want them to come to your party over another one then you need to make an impact. An email, text or Facebook message is fine but if you really want to set the right tone then nothing beats a hard copy invitation. And you should get your invitations out early - like November early.


Invited to someone’s house for  New Year’s Eve this year? You’re going to need to bring a little something. It can be bottle of vine or champagne, flowers or stylish desert. Ideas are unlimited.


If you are hosting the party don’t forget the food. Most people don’t expect to be served dinner on New Year’s Eve but if you’re going prepare a meal then you should let people know in the invitation. If it’s a cocktail party, then have some cocktail food on hand and refresh it throughout the evening. If you’re asking people to bring a plate then check in with them a few days beforehand to find out what they’re bringing so you make sure you have the right mix of dishes.

4.Don't forget CHAMPAGNE!

It's hard to toast the New Year without a champagne  in hand. 


The best way to kill a party is to turn the lights up and start the cleaning up. Don't clean up until all the guests have departed because watching someone scrape plates and stack the dishwasher isn’t exactly sparkling  entertainment. Having said that, the last thing people want to do on January 1 is spend all day cleaning up the mess. So when you leave - if you’re in a state to remember - gather some empties and take them to the rubbish when you leave, or put some glasses in the kitchen.


No matter if you were the host or a guest, or just went out on the town with friends, check in with everyone the next day, just to be sure they made it home safe and are feeling well. The following day send your hosts a short thank you text to say what a great night you had.

Happy New Year!!!!!!