6 Benefits of Pure Cashmere Blanket for a Newborn Baby

6 Benefits of Pure Cashmere Blanket for a Newborn Baby

Cashmere has become a year-round mainstream nursery item. Let’s look at the facts.

Fact 1. Cashmere is highly recommended for fussy or unwell babies, it is wonderfully beneficial for all infants.
Pure cashmere soothes and comforts infants, reducing stress and restless movement while promoting peaceful sleep.

Fact 2. Researchers found when babies lay directly on cashmere, their activity rate is lowered producing a deeper, more restful sleep as well as promoting a faster growth rate. Benefits are the same when baby is placed directly on a cashmere, on a sheet over the cashmere  or wrapped in a cashmere blanket.

Fact 3. Cashmere is the perfect insulator, it is warm in winter & cool in the summer as it breathes with the baby's skin. Cashmere helps regulate baby's body temperature for comfort in all seasons. 

Fact 4. Cashmere is water resistant. Cashmere is the most hydrophilic of all fibers & has the ability to wick away excess moisture. It can absorb up to 35% of its weight in water without feeling clammy or wet to touch. It then releases this moisture into the atmosphere to keep the wearer feeling warm and dry. This ensures that your or your baby’s skin remains dry & at an even temperature.

Fact 5. Cashmere is odor resistant.Cashmere is stink-free. This magic fiber has a natural ability to repel the bacteria that causes the smell which means your baby will smell amazing. 

Fact 6. Cashmere is a natural fiber that is actually non-allergenic. That quality makes cashmere fiber #1 for babies. 

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