5 Things You May Not Know About Big Bear Lake, Ca

5 Things You May Not Know About Big Bear Lake, Ca

If you’re looking for a quick  escape from Big LA - look no further -  Big Bear Lake is a perfect vacation spot in every season and is easily accessible from nearby Los Angeles. The Big Bear Lake provides opportunities for fishing in the summer months and snowboarding and skiing during the winter. Besides, the area celebrates the Big Bear Lake Oktoberfest every year.  In Big Bear, you can stay busy skiing the slopes, boating on the lake, or horseback riding and hiking through the forest. 

To fully appreciate Big Bear’s natural beauty, it’s might be useful to know a little about the region’s rich history, which involves gold mining and grizzlies. Here are some fun facts about beautiful Big Bear Lake.

1. Here are some interesting stats and facts about Big Bear Lake, California:

Big Bear Lake Elevation: 6,743 Feet
Big Bear Lake Lengths: 7 Miles
Big Bear's Shoreline: 22 Miles
Max. Water Depth at the Dam 72 Feet
Busiest Day on the Lake: July 4th for the fireworks!
Average Sunny Days per Year: 300
Average Daytime Temperature in the Summer: 72 F.
Average Daytime Temperature in the Winter: 30 F.

2. Big Bear Lake was once a gold mining mecca before it became a popular four season resort. Lake history records that in 1860, a bear hunter named William Holcomb discovered gold in the backcountry after tracking a bear’s blood trail to a creek filled with flakes of gold. He tried to keep it a secret, but soon enough word spread, and Southern California’s largest gold rush was on! From 1860 to about 1875 the area was swarming with prospectors.

3. Big Bear Lake hasn’t always been here. The lake was man made in the late 1800s. By the time the project was finished  in 1884, there was created the world’s largest man-made lake. It was lauded as the “eighth wonder of the world.” 

4. The Big Bear area gets its name from the abundant population of grizzlies that once roamed the area. But by the early 1900s, Big Bear’s grizzlies were hunted to extinction. In 1933, the state’s Fish and Game department decided to reintroduce bears to Southern California - they thought tourists and outdoor adventurers would enjoy having them around. They rounded up 27 black bears in Yosemite and released them throughout SoCal. They brought six of the black bears to Big Bear. Today, Big Bear’s black bear population is descended from those original six. 

5. Many people who come up to Big Bear are surprised at what’s actually here.

* You will find enough restaurants to satisfy the most picky eater, from national chains to superb local artisenal fare.

* There are 2 supermarkets, Vons or Stater Brothers and they’re right across the street from each other. Also there are K-Mart, a Big 5, a Walgreens and a CVS.

* There are 8 gas stations!

* You will see more coffee shops than you can imagine! Big Bear Coffee, next to the fire station on the Boulevard, fresh roasts their coffee