4 Tips For Buying a Perfect Holiday Gift

4 Tips For Buying a Perfect Holiday Gift

The holiday season is approaching. We’ve all been there.

Many of us are still scrambling around trying to choose the perfect gift for a friend or relative. What do they want? What do they need? What can we buy? The thing is, they’re not too difficult to please. When it comes down to it the most important thing to do is to pay attention to the needs of your loved ones. This makes shopping for them much easier.

Observe an interest, spot a need, find a product that fits into useful, surprising, and good quality.

Follow these guidelines  and you can’t go wrong.

Just keep in mind those 4 easy rules how to buy a perfect gift…….when you don’t know what to buy. And please don’t give a gift card. This basically says “I don’t know what to get you, so I just did the bare minimum.”

So what are the 4 rules on gift giving to difficult to buy for people?

When shopping for hard to buy people just remember that the present should be useful, surprising, distinctive and of course high quality.

1. A Gift Should Be Useful

When you give a gift to someone it has to be something that they will use over and over again. A great example is pure cashmere travel wrap

This is a great opportunity to get something useful for any lady at any age!  We can promise she will never leave the house without it. Nothing takes the chill out of the air better than a luxurious  Mongolian cashmere wrap. Especially one as chic as this elegant and classic piece of pure luxury that makes a wonderful gift for someone you love. Soft as a cuddle,  You can’t go wrong with it. It looks stunning on and ideal for any occasion. Fantastic to dress up you denim! Enjoy it with white jeans or dress. This stylish wrap has a super soft, warm and smooth feeling. It arrives beautifully wrapped and presented in our distinctive Lucky Bird signature box.

2. A Gift Should Be A Surprise

Nothing is more exciting than not knowing what someone buys for you. It says that you put thought into buying for them and didn’t just ask for a wishlist. Throughout the year, pay attention to comments your spouse makes about items and notice when shopping together what items your spouse looks at. With today's smartphones, it is easy to quickly snap a quick picture of the item.

3. A Gift Should Be Of Good Quality

This is different from being functional.  Purchase something that they probably wouldn’t buy on their own because it is a little luxurious, but not overly expensive. It says “Hey I’m thinking about you and I want you to have the best quality.”

You want it to be something that will last. A prime example is a cashmere & wool blend highest quality wrap. 

The merino wool / cashmere blend has a soft and smooth luxury texture. This Lucky Bird favorite is big enough to be worn as an informal wrap and long enough to loop around a neck 2 times, knot or wear a number of ways. It  makes a perfect gift. You cannot go wrong with this one! If you compare this wrap with any other on the market, you will notice the difference immediately; Lucky Bird wrap is much softer and tighter. It is soft and warm without being heavy and cumbersome. If cared properly, this scarf will last years to come. Wow your friends with this beautiful piece!

4. A Gift Should Be Remembered

The types of  distinctive gifts that truly touch someone most often are the gifts that come from your heart. Cashmere can be pricey to buy over time so purchasing one that is nice quality makes it a thoughtful gift.

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