3 Timeless Classic  Wraps for Every Woman’s Wardrobe

3 Timeless Classic Wraps for Every Woman’s Wardrobe

«Buy less. Choose best. Make it last. Quality not quantity.”

⁃ Vivienne Westwood.

Wraps are wardrobe pieces that can send strong fashion statements. Traditionally, they are used as covers for cold weathers, but the blooming use of elegant silk on hats and a gorgeous extra cashmere touch on handbags has moved them to the list of summer essentials.

Cashmere and pure wool shawls will bring you a soft and warm wrap that is both luxurious and comfortable. Cashmere is a symbol of luxury, high quality and elite standard for many years now. This is a completely natural material known for the breathability and lightweight as well as for its durability.

Now let’s highlight the three cashmere wraps that would be a perfect addition to any woman’s wardrobe.

#1 Amal

The lightweight cashmere material is easily noticeable in Amal. It was designed to make you forget that you have a wrap on you, even after wearing this gorgeous wrap for long hours.

Amal is a soft knitted coastal navy wrap with a pointed cut made of 100% cashmere. This classic wrap is an absolute must-have. Nothing takes the chill out of the air better than a luxurious pure Mongolian cashmere wrap, especially one as chic as this piece. The elegant design makes a wonderful gift for someone you love or is a perfect treat for yourself - soft as a cuddle, wrapping you in a blissful feeling. You can’t go wrong with it. It looks stunning on and ideal for any occasion. Fantastic to dress up with denim, white, black, and neutral tones! A perfect travel companion, whether it is for a quick trip to the shops or during long flights.

The 2 ply cashmere used in its production provides a classic fit. The designers were focused on providing comfort and elegancy and it seems that they have found the right way to blend the two. It arrives beautifully wrapped and presented in our distinctive Lucky Bird signature box.

If you need to add some color to your wardrobe, you should check this model. You can find more pictures of Amal herehttp://luckybirdcashmere.com/amal-cashmere-wrap/

#2 Nora

Wraps present a wonderful opportunity for lending a soft touch to your wardrobe’s classic basic. Thanks to a wrap, even rather conservative one tone looks are transforming into real fashion statements! If you like casual urban style, Nora is your choice. For the stylish city look, accompany this fabulous cashmere charcoal wrap with a white blouse. Add well-fitting pants or jeans, and your new go-to outfit is ready. Nora is the perfect choice for year-round warmth. Cozy enough for winter cold, comfy enough for summer breeze. That's why we love our shawls. But this one is definitely standing out. Incredible color. Perfect choice! Goes with everything! This 100% cashmere classic charcoal looks timeless, because cashmere is and always will be sophisticated. This is a gorgeous 'essential' for any wardrobe - highly versatile it can be worn as a shawl or a scarf, with high heels or boots, in town or in the county escapes. Looks stunning with white jeans. This elegant cashmere wrap is simply perfect for evenings or stylish days out. A luxurious treat everyday and good investment to your wardrobe.

Your wrap will arrive beautifully tissue wrapped in our signature LUCKY BIRD box.

If you love classics, you should check this model. http://luckybirdcashmere.com/nora-cashmere-wrap/

#3 Amara

Wrap yourself in the pure luxury of our 100% pure Mongolian cashmere wrap for elegance that takes you from lounging at home to anyplace. An exquisite golden haze neutral tone - this wrap is a contemporary classic. It is one of our most versatile wraps matching brilliantly with a simple palette of other neutrals or contrasting with bright colors. You can't go wrong with this one! AMARA is an iconic Lucky Bird cashmere piece and is in high demand year after year. This seasonless cashmere accessory is perfect to wrap up with on cold days, ideal for travel, and can be worn in endless ways: as a shawl, scarf, wrap, or blanket. Lovely to look at in Goldenly Haze Neutral, it fits you as easily as it fits into your life. Once you have Lucky Bird cashmere wrap, you won’t be able to live without it!

It arrives beautifully wrapped in Lucky Bird signature tissue paper and presented in our distinctive Lucky Bird box.

If you love elegance, you should check this model.http://luckybirdcashmere.com/amara-cashmere-wrap/

At the end we hope you’ll like our final list of 3 cashmere wraps. What’s your choice and which wrap makes you really happy? Hope to hear your stories.