​10 Amazing Facts About Cashmere That You Probably Didn’t Know

​10 Amazing Facts About Cashmere That You Probably Didn’t Know

Cashmere is special in so many ways and this has made it so popular. We decided to share 10 amazing facts about cashmere that you probably didn’t know.

1. Cashmere fiber comes from cashmere goats. These animals live only on the high plateaus of Central Asia up to 15,000 feet in altitude.

2. The name derives from the Kashmir region by the border of Nepal, India, Pakistan, and China.

3. The most desirable cashmere wool qualities are due to the extreme climatic conditions - intense sunlight at very high altitudes, as well as temperatures of up to -40° f in winter.

4. Cashmere is a seasonal product. Only once a year - in a springtime - cashmere wool comes from gently combing out the goats’ underfur - no more than 5-7 oz are obtained from one animal. This small window frame makes the wool quite rare and expensive. It takes between 3-5 goats to knit up one average-sized sweater!

5. The “hair” of cashmere goats is 7 times thinner as that of humans. It has an extremely low thickness of only about 15 microns. By comparison, a human hair measures around 75 microns. The cashmere wool is 6 times finer than human hair, but the fiber is dense, keeping people warm in extreme weathers.

6. Despite this fineness, each fiber contains a truly unique internal air chamber, that performs a natural function of transpiration and optimal heat regulation. Cashmere provides excellent insulation. In fact, it’s said that cashmere is 3 times more insulating than sheep’s wool.

7. Cashmere fiber is hypoallergenic due to the lack of lanolin. This is one of the reasons why it is considered great for children.

8. Cashmere doesn’t stretch or fade. If taken care of properly, it’ll retain its shape for a lifetime. We recommend hand wash or gentle dry clean.

9. Originally Cashmere wool comes in three colors - white, grey, and brown, but it can be dyed into different colors.

10. Families in the region of Kashmir are still weaving and spinning Cashmere manually. They are able to produce high-quality Cashmere products. We are proud to work with one of these small boutique family factories in Nepal. All our products are handmade.

These are just a few facts about cashmere but the unique properties and the very limited availability of this highest quality yarn make the finest cashmere wool truly the Elite Fiber.